Hearing God: A Key Component to Staying Out of Sin

Hearing God: A Key Component to Staying Out of Sin

Okay, so here is something that I have been realizing recently, both in the Word, and in my own life. The more I hear from God, it seems like the less I sin. Ironically (not really) the same seems to be true with the people I am seeing in Scripture. Let me explain.

Who sinned first, the first human to ever sin? Now, some would argue Adam, and I honestly do see how it could be a mutual thing (since Adam was there and should have protected his wife), but overall Eve took the bite. Paul also talks about that in 1 Tim. 2:14. So Eve was deceived, and disobeyed one of the only commands of the Lord in the garden. Keep going, if you could point out one of the biggest sins of the exodus, what would that be? Think about it, stop reading until you have an answerJ it was the calf incident. If you are not familiar with that read Exodus 32 for the whole story. The Israelites built an idol, and began to worship a golden calf! What? After Yahweh God lead them out of the wilderness?!?! Who was the main sinner in that situation? Aaron, who was supposed to be leading the people actually helped them build it! Then he gave one of the lamest excuses for sinning in all of Scripture (as well as one of the funniest) Ex. 32:21-24.

Now, I could go through tons of examples in Scripture, and here is the point I am getting at. The people who are lead into life ending, deep, dark, ferocious sins are the ones who have not heard directly from the Lord. Now, Adam sinned, Moses sinned, Abraham sinned, however, they seemed to be less entitled to sin than their counterparts with them.

Essentially, I am slightly distracted right now while I am writing, but what I am saying is you are so much more likely to sin, and so much more likely to have a weak relationship from the Lord if you are not personally hearing from Him. This is one of the reasons (and there are hundreds of them) why getting in the Word is so important. And not just diving into Scripture (although I do think that is the main way God speaks to us), but praying, fasting, worshipping, listening to the Holy Spirit, and what He would have you do to glorify Him.

Now Israel had a chance to hear from God themselves. However, because they feared for their lives, they wanted only Moses to hear from God, eventually only to end up in sin. Eve must have heard from Adam? The text doesn’t say, but we could probably assume that’s how she knew she shouldn’t eat. Joseph, when he didn’t hear from the Lord about the virgin birth, didn’t believe. However, once God spoke, he turned and became faithful. Is this making sense? Hearing from God is so crucial to our individual walks.

So, are you hearing from God? All too often we rely on hearing from God on Sunday mornings! We wait until the pastor gets a sweet revelation about the Word, and then teaches us. This shouldn’t be. We need to be hearing from God personally. When God teaches me things they are penetrating, soul-wrenching, life-altering things. When I hear about something from another man, even if it is deep, it doesn’t have the same impact in my life. That’s because God’s voice is powerful. Shoot it spoke the earth into existence! I know the same is true with you!

If we want to be used by God we have to be hearing from God and we have to be being altered by His Word (Jn. 17:17). Psalm 119 is a huge testimony to that. Listen to your pastors, and submit to them for sure (Heb. 13:17), and learn from them, because the Lord does use what he teaches us to lead other people closer to Jesus (2 Co. 1:4, Gal. 6:6, I think that’s the verse, I don’t have my Bible!). In the end however, you need to hear from God first hand.

So, here is a question I have for you. When is the last time you heard from God? What did He say to you? To hear from God is one of the greatest experiences that man can have! So open your ears and hearts, and draw near to God, listen to him, not through me, but for yourself! Get in the Word today, beg God to speak to you, then go obey. If I said anything not true it’s not my fault, I can’t think clearly right now, and don’t have my Bible!!! JK, but just some random thoughts. Talk to me…

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3 Responses to Hearing God: A Key Component to Staying Out of Sin

  1. Carolyn says:

    Ha-ha! Exodus 32:24 “and out came this calf!” Yep, Lord, it just popped out of the fire! But I guess we’ve all spoken something equally lame and absurd!

  2. Carolyn says:

    On a more serious note… Those who are NOT taking time in His Presence to hear from Him are often critical of those that do! But Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice!” And I like the hymn that says “He walks with me and He talks with me…”

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